Services for Individuals

Boston Japanese Trainers support people who strive to become English / Japanese bilinguals or those who simply want to learn Japanese culture. 


In addition to in-person language lesson services for those living in Boston, we offer online lessons for clients. As long as you have access to a reliable Wi-Fi connection and a tablet or computer, you can take our lessons wherever and whenever you want; this saves your traveling time.

◎Private Japanese Conversation Lessons

Focused on your unique goals, these lessons will be customized to speed your progress. Perfect for those with specific needs and schedules! 


[example content for non-Japanese clients]

Do you like anime, J-pop, Japanese food, martial arts, or are interested in any other aspect of Japanese culture? Our tutors have diverse backgrounds in Japanese language and culture, and are able to help you with any of your goals, such as:

  • Introducing yourself politely in Japanese

  • Ordering food in a Japanese restaurant

  • Speaking practice for your Japanese class

  • Understanding the differences in dialect between Tokyo and Kyoto

  • Holding a conversation about current events with a native Japanese speaker

  • Preparing for the JLPT exam (N5-N1)


  One lesson            $55/hr

  5 lessons (5%off)     $262

  10 lessons (10%off) $495