Bridging the divide between Japan and America

Hello! We Are Boston Japanese Trainers

Boston Japanese Trainers (BJT) works to promote U.S. – Japan
collaboration and understanding in a global context. We consider
cross-cultural awareness a crucial element in improving working
relationships within multinational organizations.
BJT offers training for Japanese and Western employees on the
business communication and interaction skills needed to work
with their counterparts.  In addition, we offer group and individual
language training, and organize guest-speaker lectures given by
experienced professionals with careers spanning these regions of
the world.
One of the types of work we enjoy most is supporting the families
and children of Japanese professionals here in the US learn to
succeed in their lives and schools. This is an important part of the
whole picture of what it takes to help a Japanese expatriate be
successful here.

We love Boston and are based here. We are able to support our
clients worldwide, both in person and via online video


Corporate Clients


◎English for Professionals  

"I was having difficulty grasping the nuances of English expressions. BJT instructors helped us to understand the nuances of business English by using specific, work-related examples"

"It was fascinating to learn the differences between American and Japanese cultures as well as differences in thought patterns"

"I particularly liked the cross-cultural lessons and pronunciation exercises"

◎Private Japanese Conversation Lessons


"Yurie guided me with business communication and writing composition skills for July-Sept. (I think) 2019. To help create a "real life" setting with email communication, Yurie and I role-played email communication scenarios for typical office situations, such as client inquiries, coworker coordination, and client management (how to decline clients!). A lot of what we focused on was correct use of Keigo and business vocab.

We would meet once per week via Skype to review my homework (the email responses), and try to have a face-to-face meeting once per month. We worked together on google docs, and Yurie was diligent with her corrections, and she would always take the time to explain why I might need to use a different verb form, or vocabulary. She was always on time for our lessons, and very communicative and flexible. I would recommend Yurie for anyone like me who is looking to increase their Japanese business proficiency."

Customer Reviews


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