Kerianne Panos

BJT Bilingual Trainer and Coach, International Communications Advisor

Kerianne Panos has spent her career navigating between multiple
cultures and languages. As a speaker of three Asian languages
(including Japanese) and three European languages, she has
used her linguistic and cross-cultural skills to help professionals
from different backgrounds understand how to communicate more
effectively and interact better with each other. She developed these skills working
around the world, first managing an international educational program, then as a
technical expert and negotiator for the Japanese Government, working on issues
related to global scientific collaboration. For the past decade, she has focused her
efforts on providing international professionals with the communication skills they need
to build effective teams. Kerianne has extensive experience advising in the
pharmaceutical industry, as well as with Japanese corporations. In addition, she
worked with the Japanese players at the Boston Red Sox on team dynamics and
communication, and for the MIT Media Lab. She is a graduate of Smith College.

米国マサチューセッツ州・スミス大学、日本・同志社 大学、英国・ロンドン大学
SOAS(東洋アフリカ学院)大学院卒業。 20年間に渡る経歴において、国際関係、グ
ローバル・ コミュニケーション、アジア圏(日本・韓国・中国)と ヨーロッパ圏(フ
ランス・スペイン・イタリア)の文化 および言語を習得した。特に、ビジネス分野・
科学技術分野・政府関係に関する知識を豊富に有する。アジア・ ヨーロッパ・北米に